Spotlight trend: Biker boots

Let’s be honest, is the biker boot ever not on trend? It’s an old favourite for many of us, and for good reason. Although many of us have been wearing biker boots for years now, you may have spotted more of them out and about recently. That’s because biker boots are this winters must-have shoe. The traditional black leather, chunky sole boot can be styled in more ways than you may think and we're here to show you how.


So, if you’re looking for a pair of affordable biker boots to wear all winter long, here’s everything you need to know.  


What are biker boots?


Biker boots are typically an ankle height, or just below the knee, boot that has a chunky sole and a low heel. These boots are usually made with leather, although, you could find suede alternatives if you wanted something that looks a little more feminine. Biker boots tend to be lace up’s but can come with buckles and stud details too.


What to wear with biker boots?


One of the best things about biker boots is that they can be worn with just about anything. With these boots, the key thing to remember is balance. Because they are quite a bold boot, it’s best to commit to one extreme or the other. For example, if you want to go with a dark and dramatic look, wear biker boots with distressed jeans and a boxy blazer. But if you want something softer, contrast biker boots with typically feminine styles, like floral dresses and skirts.


How to style biker boots


Like we said earlier, biker boots are really versatile. But what does that actually mean and how do you style your biker boots based on everyday life? We’ve put together a table to help give you a basic understanding of how to style your boots based on the occasion:




Casual weekends

Leather, wet look leggings or skinny jeans and an oversized chunky knit.


Ankle length straight leg black or light jeans with a white shirt and boxy blazer.


Maxi dress or skirt with a leather jacket or longline coat.


Floaty shorter dresses or skirts with a tailored blazer, jacket or coat.


A key style tip to remember when it comes to biker boots is to think about layering. These shoes look best when paired with outfits that work with different elements. So, always pair your biker boots with some layered jewellery and other accessories. A fedora hat is the perfect finishing touch with biker boots for adding a bit of class and elegance to an overall outfit.  


Biker boots with jeans


The biker boot has a longstanding love affair with a good pair of jeans. The two work perfectly together for that effortlessly cool girl look. The combo is great for more casual days so is perfect for weekend coffee and lunches. In the summer, pair your biker boots with some lighter coloured jeans and a loose-fitting blouse. In the colder months, style with dark jeans, a chunky, oversized jumper or sweater and all your favourite winter warmers.


Biker boots with dresses


Don’t assume that you can only wear these slightly more masculine boots with trousers. If you’re wanting to dress it up a bit (no pun intended), pairing your biker boots with dresses is a fabulous idea.


Biker boots tend to pair best with midi dresses, so, that’s anything below the knee. And if the dress is floaty, even better. The contrast between the dramatic, heavier boot and the lighter, airy dress is a staple look of the biker boot. And remember what we said before, these boots are all about the detailing. Try a patterned midi dress for some added depth. That could be anything from an animal to an abstract print. Basically, anything that adds a pop of dimension to your outfit.


If midi dresses aren’t really your thing, don’t worry. Shorter dresses are the lesser-known best friend of the biker boot. Some people worry that above the knee dresses might look a little off when paired with a bold ankle boot. But we’re here to tell you there’s absolutely nothing the biker boot can’t do. Smock dresses and dungaree dresses are the ideal combos for a more rebellious tone. Pair these with an oversized knit or shacket for a youthful, devil-may-care vibe.


Biker boots with skirts


Don’t fancy jeans or a dress? You’re in luck, biker boots work hand in hand with skirts for a cool, romantic look.


While nothing is stopping you from pairing biker boots with above the knee skirts, the more popular look would be midi or maxi skirts. Just like we said earlier, the floaty, longer length perfectly balances the harshness of the boots. So, try to go for pleated and or chiffon style for that laid-back luxe aesthetic. If you’re heading into work, opt for either an oversized or formfitting jumper for the winter and a fitted blouse in the summer. 


Just like dresses, maybe midi or maxi skirts aren’t what you’d feel comfortable wearing. If you’re working with above the knee skirts, you can match your biker boots with a denim or corduroy skirt with a graphic tee and tailored blazer for a sophisticated twist on a typical biker girl look.


Of course, biker boots are all the rage right now and they are pretty hard to ignore. If you’ve been tempted to get yourself a pair but didn’t know how to work it into your wardrobe, hopefully, this has given you a bit of guidance and inspiration. Now all that’s left to do is find your perfect pair!